About Us

GEOpolitics, a monthly journal, is initiated by the Research Institute Gnomon Wise.

At the Research Institute Gnomon Wise, we believe that disseminating knowledge and analysis conducted with integrity and impartiality can advance national interests and strengthen democratic institutions. Our think tank fosters a culture of intellectual exchange, nurturing a communal space where each person can contribute meaningfully to the broader geopolitical discourse.

In alignment with our ethos, our journal is firmly committed to promoting the idea of Georgia’s European and Euro-Atlantic integration and democratization. GEOpolitics will echo the Georgian people’s strategic orientation toward the Western world, democracy, and Europeanization. Our vision is that Georgia can and must contribute to disseminating universal democratic values and contribute to regional and international security. We aim to support these goals through our analytical and intellectual contributions. 

We have assembled a team of experts and contributors with deep knowledge and policy experience who will enrich the conversation about Georgia’s foreign and security policy, unveiling and scrutinizing Georgia’s relations with the EU, NATO, Russia, and other important geopolitical actors and international institutions. We will also investigate the ramifications of internal developments for Georgia’s geopolitical role and foreign relations. By doing so, we will facilitate informed and substantial dialogue from, about and in Georgia.